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All Items this page only, free ground shipping included & 2 lb FREE chia seeds, the ultimate survival food (a $60.00 value) !

The highest Quality, Warmest (even wet), Lightest synthetic, Best Priced and only bags with a lifetime Loft guarantee on the market (used by USA military). All Wiggy's bags and jackets are machine washable. Free stuff sack and pillow with all bag orders . Sizes are regular (5' 10" ) and long (over 5' 10"). These should last you a very long time, possibly your lifetime.

State color in notes box when ordering.

Ultra Light, +20° bag is 3.5 Lbs. in Colors:  Black, Olive Green, Royal Blue.   $200. each. 
Ultra Light $200.00, True +20° bag, 3.5 Lbs. in Colors Black, Olive Drab, Royal Blue


Super Light, Zero degree bag is 4 lbs. in Colors: Black, Green, Purple.   $218. each

Super Light Sleeping Bag, purple Super Light $218., Zero degree bag, 4 lbs. in Colors Black, OD, and Purple



Ultima Thule, -20 degree rated bag is 5 lbs. Color : Black.   $275.00 each
Ultima Thule Sleeping Bag, black Ultima Thule $275.  True -20 degree rated bag 5 lbs. Color Black.

Antarctic -60 degree bag. 6.5 lbs. The only true -60° bag in the world at any weight ! Color: Black. With compression stuff sack.    $350.00 each

Antartic Sleeping Bag, black Antarctic  $350. True -60 degree bag. 6.5 lbs. Color Black. compression stuff sack included.

Compression stuff sack color black, green, blue. $25. each



 Hunter sleeping bags available also, just email us your needs !

Custom bags are available, e-mail or call for extra wide, extra long, extra insulation or other colors.

All hood sections are contoured. The draft tube is over size. All left zip bags are made with a double draft tube. All bags are zipper mateable. The Antarctic and Ultima Thule only models have a shock cord. draw cord 6 inches below the top of the chest section & Free stuff sack and pillow.

Flexible Temp. Sleeping Bag is an Overbag or as the Marine Corps call it a "Patrol Bag" rated for +35° F and higher . When used with another Wiggy's bag , it lowers the temp. rating down by 40° F and weight of only 2.5 lbs. Example - if you own a ultra light bag and use the Overbag , you now have a temp. range of +35° F summer (Overbag alone) , +20° F (Ultra light alone) and -20° F winter (Overbag & Ultra light together) . Colors : Royal Blue, Olive Drab, black & Purple $190. each

Wiggy's Jackets and Bibs, USA Made

State size and color in notes box when ordering.

Lamilite Jacket(sweater), only 16oz total, can be worn as a sweater also, warm even when wet (great for boating), will not lose its loft, Sizes - Sm to 2XL, Colors - Black, Blue, Purple, Olive or Camouflage.     $140.00 each

Lamilite Sweater/Jacket Lamilite Jacket $140.00 (Sweater 16oz total, Sm to 2XL, Colors -
Black, Blue, Purple, Olive or Camouflage.


Antarctic Parka - Warmest in the world , a -80° F. parka used by Alaska Police Dept. Made of Poly/Cotton shell and L-12 Lamilite insulation is the warmest and best parka you can buy. Wt. - 3 lbs Sizes : Sm to 3XL , Colors: Black, Brown, Navy, Camouflage.    $375. ea.

Antartic Parka, brown Antarctic Parka $375.00  -50° F, Wt. is 3lbs, Size - Sm to 3XL, Colors -
Black, Brown, Navy, Camouflage.


Antartic Bibs -80° F. below zero, suspenders included, no other bibs or pants will keep you warmer dry or wet, Size - Sm to 3XL, Colors - Black, Brown, Navy, Camouflage.    $310.00 each

Antartic Bibs Antarctic Bib $310.00 -80° F., suspenders included, Size - Sm to 3XL, Colors - Black, Brown, Navy, Camouflage

All Wiggy's products include shipping to main USA states.

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Large Bulk Pricing, Suggestions, Questions  
or International shipping costs, e-mail us.

Large Bulk Pricing, Suggestions, Questions or Product Requests 
or International shipping costs, e-mail us:

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